Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Perfect Picture Kind

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Who knew that the embarrassingly awkward photo of me dressed as Tinker Bell would lead to the best worst first date ever?
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Rosie Thinks: I was a bit confused by the summary, at first - why would this be a romance if it was the worst date ever? Well, it was definitely the worst date I've ever heard or read before. As in, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Ollie gets pretty much pushed by her sister into going on a date with one of her coworkers, who is intrigued by her after seeing a not so flattering photo of Tinker Bell Ollie. A little bit creepy, Ollie thinks, but she eventually agrees to it. And from there, everything bad happens, but Ryan (her date) remains utterly loveable from start to finish.

I really liked how well Ollie is characterised in such a short space of time. She's selfless, doesn't take herself too seriously, and is open-minded. I would honestly love to see more of her and was quite sad when the story ended. The punctuation, grammar and spelling was perfect, with nothing ruining the flow of the words. The humour in this story was derived from the situations, which honestly had me laughing loudly out loud and everyone around me giving me strange looks. This story was cute, not dramatic, and utterly heart-warming. Definitely going on my list to re-read!


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