Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Encounter

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“He keeps talking to you, and you flash him your irresistible smile. Your eyes are on his face. His eyes are on yours.” A guy hits on you. What about your friends?
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Rosie Thinks: I don't think I've ever read a one shot like this one.

It is written very beautifully. DancingChaChaFruit uses different sentence structures to make it flow better and make her writing even more interesting. Despite being told in detail from the friends' perspective, it still feels natural and I could easily relate to a situation like that. I'd be surprised if someone hadn't been in a situation like it! Overall, 'The Encounter' is a short read that is easily relatable and can leave you thinking.
It's more of a short drabble of 600 words, detailing a flirtatious encounter between a guy and a girl. But, in a strange twist, it is told from the friends' perspective. The story depicts the intricacies of what the friends are feeling while describing the encounter in almost poetic detail. I loved how the author really portrayed the complex, conflicting emotions - the nasty ones you don't want to feel and would never admit aloud to having.


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