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Life was complicated enough. Her job required a clearance, several passports, and lying to her boyfriend. When she gets mixed up with the CIA's fifth most-wanted, she has to go undercover with her partner as his fiancée. It doesn't help that he's overprotective, that they have to sleep in the same bed, or that he manages to get into that little compartment behind her heart.
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Melissa Thinks: Action stories can be some of the best, and most popular, stories out there. When done right, they can have you sitting on the edge of your seat, shivering with anticipation and excitement. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to come across stories such as these. Fortunately, the lovely Carmel March has provided us with one.

Carmel March created an interesting character - one not usually seen in action stories. She’s not the hard edged, gun-wielding cliche that we’ve come to recognize right on the spot. She’s a soft, easily breakable girl with a hint of naivety in her. A rookie logistics officer for the CIA, Gemma gets herself into more trouble than she bargained for when she’s pulled into Operation 67 and subsequently has to pose as her incredibly charming, and attractive, partner’s fiance.

The story is filled with well-researched details that form an intriguingly compelling plot. There's an even mix of actiony sequences and romantic scenes, keeping the plot balanced. I like how Gemma doesn't immediately have an intense attraction to Boone. It builds over time. I'm seriously looking forward to finding out how Carmel March continues this story. Will they complete their mission? Will they make it out alive? And then there’s the difficult decision that Gemma has to face: her real fiance, Ben, or her fake fiance, Boone?


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