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The Canvas

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Sophia Parker's world was colorless and dull until an accidental meeting with an art thief offers her a chance at a new life.
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Ali Thinks: One day in my psychology class, my teacher asked what we would categorize ourselves as: high risk/high reward, medium risk/medium reward, or low risk/low reward. Before reading The Canvas, I thought I would categorize myself as medium to high risk with the same rewards, but now I'd be generous to consider myself low risk. For a lack of a better term, Sophia Parker is one ballsy lady, what with dropping out of college to become a thief.

And okay, maybe that doesn't exactly seem practical, and when I read it at first, all I could think was "What are you doing!"(and other characters seemed to agree with me) but as I read on, I understood that Sophie was one of those high risk people and by the third or fourth chapter I already began to admire her.

Though she grew on me pretty fast, some people didn't quite take a liking to her as quickly (cough Robert cough). He especially thought that she was an idiot for leaving her old life behind, and he didn't bother to hide it. His honesty was blunt-- and if you ask me, a bit harsh-- but it set a competitive dynamic between that two that I easily fell in love with.

Whenever I read a story that's worth remembering, there's always something that sticks, whether it's a scene, a character, or a setting, something sticks into the recesses of my mind. For The Canvas, it's no different. The all-around cleverness of Quix is sure to stay with me for a very, very long time. She leaves hints, right, but sometimes they're so subtle that once the full story is revealed, it brings on the whole "HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT?!" reaction. It was absolutely brilliant, honestly, and it kept me hooked on every word.

If you're a fan of the show White Collar for reasons other than Matt Bomer's face, I highly recommend this story because it's another beautifully depicted story about thieves. If you're not a fan of White Collar, however, you should still definitely read because I honestly can't think of a reason for you to deprive yourself of an intricately thought out, cleverly written story such as The Canvas.


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