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Take the Plunge

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Alex and Shane were synchronized diving partners for years before Alex was injured in a terrible accident. Afterwards, Shane never saw or spoke to him again. When they run into each other three years later at the 2012 Olympics, Alex has to juggle the stress of the competition with all the memories of that fateful day.
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Helen Thinks: So are you like me and have been dealing with the withdrawal symptoms from the amazing summer of 2012 where London hosted the Olympics? Well look no further, my friends, because I have found us the answer. This hunger has been quenched in the form of ‘Take the Plunge’ by thenorthface.

‘Take the Plunge’ focuses on Alex; a diver for the USA team; that has returned to the Olympics after a three year hiatus due to being injured in an accident. This quick paced, three chaptered story focuses on Alex not only coping with the stress of one of the largest sport competitions but also facing his old synchronized diving partner, Shane. Despite being desperate to face these problems, Alex cannot understand why Shane is making it difficult by being a jerk while he is nothing but supportive towards his career and his new partner.

As always, I entered this story with the wariness that it was a sport focused stories and we all know sport is not my cup of tea but thenorthface has covered this perfectly. Yes, the story has written it perfectly with their knowledge of both the workings of the Olympics and the way swimming meets run. Yes, sport is the focus of the story. No, this should not prevent you from reading it if you are not into the genre of sport because it is not the sole focus. The chemistry between Shane and Alex; despite Shane being a jerk; will have you scrolling down the screen desperately reading each word and leaving you hungry for more.

With their amazing writing, thenorthface makes you believe you have the best seats in the house as the story unfolds to show not only bravery but a love story that shows love can happen anywhere.


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