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Ma Mademoiselle Bizarre

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Regency. Glen Carlisle never wanted nor expected to inherit his paternal family's earldom. When he does, he's resigned to do his duty as quickly as possible and go home. A certain hoyden, however, complicates things.
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Melissa Thinks: “Ma Mademoiselle Bizarre” was not a story that I expected to like. Reading the summary, I was unsure of what kind of

First we have Glen Carlisle, a true gentleman who never imagined himself to be part of high society, until his cousin dies and the title of the “Earl of Broadbent” goes to him. And then we’ve got Lorraine, a wild child who has one rule and one rule only: she will never marry. When these two meet, there’s an instant attraction, but can Lorraine open herself up to Glen? And just what happened when she was seventeen that changed her?

It’s hard to not like this story, with it’s flowing elegance and interesting historical details, it charms you almost instantaneously. The flares of love/hate and astounding wit that echo throughout give the characters dimension and make them incredibly likable - even the minor characters. I really love the simple yet provocative plot because not only is it easy to follow, but it’s also so lighthearted and you finish the story feeling a bit more cheerful than when you started.

At it’s core, “Ma Mademoiselle Bizarre” is a story of true romance and how it can triumph over all. It’s witty, well written (aside from a handful of little mistakes that could easily be fixed by a quick run-through by the author), and engaging. Overall, an awesome read.
story I was getting myself into. After I considered the fact that it was only 12 chapters long, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a peak. My longstanding grudge against historical stories was set aside soon after I finished the first chapter of this enchanting story.


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