Saturday, May 18, 2013


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You whisper in my ear, “Never say never, (say never,)” and I shiver in the honey-warm sunshine.
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Helen Thinks: ‘Adolovescence’ by Plinky is a whimsical piece of
poetry that leaves you sat at the end wondering ‘what was the writer trying to tell me?’ which is fantastic! The author themselves admit that they also do not know what they think of the particular piece so it is completely up to the readers. No answer is the right answer like they say back in school, right? One thing I can safely state is that Plinky’s writing throughout ‘Adolovescence’ flows beautifully. There’s a rhythmic pattern to it that starts from the first word to the very last word. With its quirky layout that takes advantage of brackets, italicising and spacing, ‘Adolovescence’ breaks all the rules but uses it to their power. It’s cute. It’s romantic. It’s poetry at its best. Seriously, check it out!


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