Saturday, May 18, 2013


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Sometimes it's best to say goodbye.
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Helen Thinks: I do not know if many of you will have had to share those last few precious moments with someone you hold dear but I
have so I think that is why I think I am attracted to this piece of work. ‘Doorway’ by C. B. Knight details to readers the last moments shared between a man and wife in her hospital room. In itself, ‘Doorway’ is a short piece with only six hundred words but the author summarises so much emotion and love throughout. Between the powerful dialogue shared amongst the two characters and the brief moments of narration, C. B. Knight creates a snapshot that the readers will find themselves relating too. Despite the sad tone of the piece, the witty dialogue will have you letting out small chuckles and realising this is the kind of love you want one day. It’s short, it’s sweet and more importantly it’s a beautiful and emotional piece which will leave a trace of a sad smile on your face.


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