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Out of Luck

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No one wants something more than if they can’t have it. That’s why I believe the best way to get guys is to pretend you’re straight – and you had better believe it works like a charm.
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Helen Thinks: As the story summary states, no one wants
something more than when they cannot have it so our hero; Alec; has come up with a flawless plan to help him get all the boys – he pretends to be straight. With six carefully thought out steps, Alec gets his boy every time. As readers, we see these six steps in the first chapter as Alec uses it against a stranger on a park bench. One of the great things about Alec’s ploy is that there are no strings attached and he can have all the guys he wants. At the start of the story, Alec has three guys that he is ‘goofing’ about with. One he met two weeks ago, one he has been flirting with for nearly six months and then there is the third guy who he has been toying with for three years; Terry. So when Terry agrees to go on a double date with Alec’s new girlfriend and it turns out to be the boy from the park, Alec realises that maybe his luck has just run out...

The first thing that appealed to me about this story was the writing. I think this was thanks to d’Neronique making the decision to write in first person so we are following the story in Alec’s mindset. First person stories and I do not normally mix well because I think you lose something by not being able to flesh out the other characters. This, however, was not the case in ‘Out of Luck’. The identities of the other characters still came through and the readers could relate to them.

I know that some people are wary of Love Triangles but I believe that d’Neronique has given the time old cliché a good shake up with ‘Out of Luck’. Seriously though, how can there be a regular love triangle when one of the other characters believes his friend is a straight man?

Be warned, the story is ‘M’ rated – even in the first chapter – but not to a point where you think d’Neronique is writing smut for the sake of writing smut. However, when is that a bad thing? It’s not awkwardly written and I think adds to what makes this story unique in the first place.

With its fresh dialogue, realistic characters and a plot that unfolds beautifully, ‘Out of Luck’ is a story that leaves you desperately clicking the next button for more.


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