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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

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He's a millionaire playboy. She's a girl who's just trying to get by. They were best friends growing up but five years can really change a person.
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Ali Thinks: A lot can happen in five years. Two friends can grow apart. Someone can get a college degree. Someone can be stuck working two jobs that barely gets them by. Two friends can cross paths again. All of these ring true for Boyd and Deacon. He's always been rich, and Boyd has always been poor. The two are tighter than tight, until Deacon is sent off to England for college. After that, the two grow further and further apart until they don't speak at all.

Fast forward to the present: Deacon works for his father's company, just as he was meant to and Boyd is still an amateur photographer, too financially unstable to live out her dreams. When the two meet again, it isn't exactly as though they pick up straight where they left off. Boyd has got a lot on her plate now that she has to deal with the stress of her deadbeat boyfriend pushing her around, on top of her two jobs. Despite all this, Deacon still reaches out to her. (Awwww)

Whenever I read a story, I usually don't know whether or not I'll accept it until the very end, and sometimes it takes a day or two of deliberation before I can finally make a decision. With Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, I was 90% certain that it would be accepted by the time I got to the tenth chapter. I was positively flying through the story and enjoying every second of it.

I think it was Boyd's independence that did it for me, really. I loved how even with all of the things she went through, she was reluctant to get any help from anyone. She was very consistent, and it was because of her character that the story was able to break out of the rich guy/poor girl cliché.

As a personal preference, I'm generally not a fan of stories that are written in multiple first person points of view. Though the changes between chapters felt a bit jumpy at times, it didn't really take away from how much I enjoyed the story. I think this kind of goes along with the jumpy bit, but the only other critique I have is that it seemed a bit rushed in the middle and towards the end.

Overall though, I really liked Sitting, Waiting, Wishing. It was a pretty quick read for a 90,000 word story and it never dragged on. If you're looking for a cute best friend's tale, a rich-poor tale, or a long lost friend story, look no further, here it is.


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