Saturday, May 18, 2013

His Captive

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His Captive by rosieroo
When Vin is captured by a notorious criminal, her life is thrown into chaos. But what happens when she discovers that everything is not as it seems, with him and her country? And he would just have to be her Mate, wouldn't he.
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Ariana Thinks:   As the sequel to rosieroo's amazing story "His Queen," I expected "His Captive" to be just as gripping and enthralling. Luckily, I was not disappointed. With a fast paced plot and an incredibly romantic story line, "His Queen" kept me engaged from beginning to end. Vin and Faolan's relationship went many twists and turns, but at the heart of their relationship was undeniable passion and love. Furthermore, "His Queen" had a creative plot line that blended wonderfully with character development. Many times, I find myself distracted by complex plot lines and the appearance of multiple side characters. However, apart from one instance, I had no such problem with "His Captive." In fact, the plot only served to enhance my reading experience! I would definitely recommend "His Captive" to anyone searching for a strong female protagonist who doesn't wait around to be saved, a gripping plot, and a steamy romance. The only real catch? In order to fully understand "His Captive," it may be necessary to read the prequel. Don't worry though- the story is well-worth the extra time.


  1. You were reviewing "his captive" not "his queen" but despite that this is a nice review for an even more fantastic story.



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