Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tabby Cat

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It is not acceptable for a proper young miss to A) enter a tavern, B) not wear mourning colours when in mourning and C) kiss a man she's not related to. But then, fate usually has the upper hand over propriety.
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Marta Thinks: This was an extremely refreshing read. The story was short and snappy, but not lacking in action. It had tension and
kept my attention throughout the whole plot. There was a meaning for every word and each character was extremely well developed. Everything was necessary and nothing was unnecessary.

Moreover, Tabitha and Melvin were the sort of couple you couldn’t help but root for. Their relationship was unique. They didn’t have the common formula of being an arrogant hero and a bickering heroine, but managed to make me fall in love with them with their sweet ways. But don’t let me waste your time explaining why I liked it. Go read it. You’ll be left like me, astonished and amazed…completely and utterly blown away.

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