Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Dreamer and Her Boy

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He falls into your heart and doesn't leave. He carves his initials and makes himself at home. He paints your heart red and makes it passionate and vibrant. He laughs and dances and sings and makes sure you won't forget him.
Banner Credit: Marta

Melissa Thinks: As a response to the most recent Star Crossed round here at ADoR, “The Dreamer and Her Boy” by stuck in bed
(our lovely Marta, by the way) really helps restore my faith in Fictionpress. This piece brought to my attention to how truly wonderful stuck in bed’s writing is and in turn gives me motivation to find more unknown authors with such a promising voice.

From the beginning of the summary you’re already hooked. Something that makes stuck in bed’s stories truly magical is her use of flowing poetic prose and that shines brightly from beginning to end. The emotions cut deep in this 900 word one shot. Love is first found between the two main characters and then lost just as quickly as it came.

The only critique I have about this story is that it does seem a bit rushed, but considering the time restraints and the author’s hectic introduction into ADoR-dom, I think that any negatives can be forgotten. It’s inspiring, heart-wrenching, and reflects a melancholy tone that really makes you think. Here you have it; one of the many great works of ADoR's newest and youngest staff member.


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