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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

Absolution by WhiptheMuse
After a car accident that changes his life and the lives of those around him, Jack flees town consumed with guilt. Four years later, his father’s funeral signals a homecoming fraught with tension as he finally faces up to the consequences of his actions. Whether you live with regret or step up and try to make it right, there is no such thing as the easy way out.
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Marta Thinks:  So it’s a Monday night and you feel tired and
cranky, but you check your ADoR emails anyway. And you find out that you have a suggestion. You say: “Ah, what the heck, might as well read it” and you dive into the story, unaware of what might follow. A few chapters in and you realize it’s amazing. Here’s why:

1) The writing is perfect. No joke. WhipTheMuse’s words slip off the screen and slid off your tongue pleasantly. There could be no character development, no plot and yet, I would happily spend hours reading about a Mary Sue eating cereal if only WhipTheMuse had written it.

2) It has quotes at the beginning of every chapter. I mean, c’mon who can resist quotes? And good ones? I’m a goner. And you should be too.

3) There’s an amazing selection of characters. Ally’s no whinny or indecisive heroine; she has honest breakdowns and she’s strong and honest. Jack and Callum are gentlemen, each with their heart-melting moments. The love triangle may seem to sway towards Ally and Jack, but I honestly believe that it’d work with Ally and Callum as well.

4) The plot is perfect; it’s interesting and well developed. You often read about characters coming back to town after a number of years, but too frequently, it isn’t always expanded upon in as much detail. Also, the way WhipTheMuse describes how Jack has to deal with leaving Ally is extremely, extremely realistic. Convinced yet? Okay, let me give you one last point:

5) It’s so [insert the best adjective in the world] that you’ll regret not reading it for the rest of your life if you don’t. (This isn’t a hyperbole in the slightest.)

So what are you doing, still reading this review? Go, go, go!

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  1. No! There's only 4 chapters.... I guess she got a book deal and took most of it down, just as I got into it!



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