Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Zach and Ana

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Zach was two when Ana was born and since that day, the two have seldom been apart. As their parents expected, teenage years bring a budding romance. The summer before Zach's senior year brings several things the close-knit pair were never prepared for.
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Marta Thinks: Zach and Ana is one of those incredibly well

The story is about Zach and Ana's friendship and eventual romance. A boy-girl friendship can be sweet, but as the teen years come closer, drama will, of course, star to ensue. Zach was the typical oblivious guy but he soon became a sweet, caring boyfriend. Ana could sometimes be a little forgettable, but she had many good moments and soon became a beloved character.

The story is very, very long (252, 850 words) but I think that worked for Zach and Anna. There was an extensive plot to cover and many events taking place - it didn't drag on excessively. Overall, this is one best friend cliché you do not want to miss out on!
written stories. There was a brilliant variety of emotions and the plot was filled with twists and turns. Fortunately enough, it didn't get too unrealistic, or heavy to read, thanks to the good balance of humor and seriousness.


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