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Kissing Booth Princess

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"Pucker up, princess," he murmured, grazing his lips temptingly over Nala's as he spoke. Manning a kissing booth during summer led to stolen phones, mall encounters, phone smushing and more. Manning a kissing booth led Nala to Chase. 
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Ali Thinks: Nala; our heroine and the princess mentioned in the title; has been forced to co-man a kissing booth at the local fair by her Mother as a method of getting over the fact that her almost boyfriend had chosen her best friend over her. Honestly, she would be anywhere else than kissing strangers so she leaves the kissing up to the original kissing princess, Deanna. This plan works great until Deanna decides to take a break. So what is she to do when a cute guy comes up demanding a kiss, because her tee shirt does say ‘kiss me’ even if she’s refusing to do it, and Deanna is nowhere to be seen?

The best thing about this story is that despite how far-fetched some of the plot line comes across, Hotcheri makes you believe that this could genuinely happen in someone’s life one day. Why would a hot guy not come up to a person on a kissing booth, share hilarious banter with them before accidentally leaving his phone on the table after sharing a very hot kiss that he has paid for?

One of my main highlights to this story is that the characters are a hundred per cent three dimensional and completely relatable. This is thanks to Hotcheri’s fantastic writing that manages to portray every single emotion perfectly. The reader can feel the torment that Nala is in when she’s trying to be civil to her best friend that stole her almost boyfriend, the reader can feel the rush of emotions; usually giddiness with me; when the two leads start flirting outrageously over the stolen mobiles.

With only ten chapters, characters that make you fall in love and a plot that stands by itself, ‘Kissing Booth Princess’ is a story that you will not only be addicted to from the very first chapter but one you will want to read again and again.


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