Friday, June 14, 2013

Skin Deep

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Things are looking up for twenty year old maiden, Amala. Until she's taken from her home and brought to the Shadowland. Its a world unlike the one she knows, inhabited by Shadows, vampires, Crows, and shapeshifters. As well as a young man, named Keir.
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Marta Thinks: I found "Skin Deep" to be an exceptionally well written supernatural story. It's already hard to tell a story; writing one in a world which you've invented is ten times harder. And yet aneman333 pulled it off. I liked how she managed to tell what was going on and explain the strange and carefully thought of world at the same time, without getting redundant or repetitive.

The characters were all so fun to read about. Amala and Keir were sweet - and their growing romance was cute and refreshing. Lily grew on me and Tailfeathers (my favorite character) was humorous and charismatic. Kismet was fun with her sarcastic and ironic nature. Even characters that I would have disliked in other circumstances, such as Lis or Axe, were amazing.

I could go on gushing about it, but I'll save you my five thousand words of praise. I will not save, however, my last words of advice: Read. Now.


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