Friday, June 28, 2013

Super Rescue

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"He's called Superman, and only a toy (he's an action figure) of the vainest kind would have a superlative as part of his name. He insulted my existence; I insulted his fashion sense. It was an unspoken oath of war."
Banner Credit: Brenda

Marta Thinks: Lenah. C's response to a SKoW prompt is a fun read. Though the plot might initially seem a little bit like Toy Story's, you'll soon find that Lenah. C manages to spin a new tale of her own. I think this was mostly thanks to the strong narrative voice.

Red, a rag doll, is Kerrie's favorite doll. They play together and live together, until Andrew moves in with his action figure, Superman. Both Kerrie and Andrew begin a hate/love relationship and so do their dolls. This allowed a double romance story to take place. Also, Kerrie and Andrew's relationship is typically the one read in stories; therefore, it was nice to see it shift into the background and to have the focus on something more original.

The relationship between both doll and owners was nice, and it was cute to see how the dolls would reflect each character's personality. For example, Andrew starts hanging out with Laura, who owns a Barbie. This says a lot about the Barbie's owner.

All in all, this was a good read. The piece was devoid of any spelling or grammar mistakes, and it was nicely paced. The ending was cute and the last line was beyond suitable.


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