Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Not Easy

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A poem I wrote when I was figuring out that I was bisexual.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Helen Thinks: If you know me, you will know that I am pro-gay and I'm pretty sure most of you readers are too so we'll struggle to understand why anyone would find it hard to stand up and shout out “yes, I'm gay and yes, I'm proud” but that's what this poem covers. “It's Not Easy” by MusicKillsThePain details the internal battle of how a person struggling with their sexuality contends with every day of their lives. Do they follow their hearts and love who they want or do they follow their heads and love who society tells them too? For me, the best part about this poem is that it's about the author. This is them summarising how they feel in words and sharing it with us readers on fictionpress and they do it beautifully. The words are raw, there's no real flow as if they are just getting their feelings out there and yet it captivates and makes the reader feel their emotions. In the poem, MusicKillsThePain explains that they don't know how to tell anyone about their bisexuality. However, I'd like to let her know that she found the bravery and told one of the best community of all; the fictionpress family. I hope that this author found the bravery she was looking for just as much as I hope that you all go read this poem – immediately.


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