Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's Lucky Charms Time!

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I go into the kitchen and pour myself some Lucky Charms. I know, they’re not vegan. But I simply can’t resist them. They really are magically delicious.
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Annie Thinks: Every once in a while, a girl needs to read a lighthearted, cute romance story that doesn't rouse any existential quandaries. Sure, big, heart-wrenching novels are great, but little fluff pieces like "It's Lucky Charms Time!" by Emedea are what really keep us sane.
Mostly-vegan-animal-lover Charlie is neck-deep in a tragedy when the story begins: Her hamster, Mario, has died. She's frantic with concern for her furry friend, and no one will help her out--not her germaphobe roomie Phoebe nor her weirdly stressed out boyfriend Jason. Jason is trying to take Charlie on a date, but her grief for Mario and his lack of understanding cause the date to end in heartbreak. So, Charlie spends the next day lying in bed crying--because of Mario, of course. She's determined to deny her sadness over Jason, but he's not letting her go so easily.

Throughout the story, the narrator maintains a lighthearted voice. I laughed out loud several times because of Charlie's oblivious antics and inner musings. It's nice to read a female character who's not cynical and bitter all the time. I admit I'm not a completely objective reviewer; I may have a soft spot for her non-meat eating animal-loving ways. Jason's a great character, too. Though cliche at times, he perfectly embodies the role of a rational man in love with a madwoman.

So while this one-shot won't be breaking any barriers or changing lives, it's the perfect read if you're looking for a little pick-me-up or just have a few extra minutes.


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