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Note to self: If you hate flying, don’t sit next to a ridiculous cute boy with a hitched smile, a freckled face, and an obnoxious laugh… especially if it’s a boy you dropped a suitcase on.
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Brittany Thinks: I've been fortunate enough to travel rather frequently and Turbulence is the fantasy I have every time that I'm bored in an airport. The story takes place entirely on a plane from Denver to Los Angeles. The protagonist is an unnamed speaker who has to be the clumsiest, most anxious person to ever exist. However, I found the predicaments resulting from how accident prone she is to be very endearing. I laughed each time she did something to dig herself an even deeper hole. The unnamed boy seated next to her on the plane is the unfortunate bearer of all of her mistakes and a huge source of comic relief.

There isn't much dialogue in this story, which I sometimes find daunting, but sunshinedoll does an impeccable job of establishing character connections through actions. The story is easy to relate to as sunshinedoll creates a narrative that is very human. Everyone has made a mistake before and become so frazzled by it that chaos erupts around them. The humor that is the end result of the speaker's tumultuous day makes the story, in my opinion. I still have a smile on my face. If you're interested in a cute, funny, one shot before school or work, give turbulence a try. May we all be so lucky the next time we're on a plane.


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