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I'm in Love with a KissWhore

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I'm in Love with a KissWhore by Emdea
“Well at least I don’t hook up with every blonde bimbo who crosses my path,” I say venomously, which was so, so stupid. Allison James isn’t even blonde – I’m a blonde. I just called myself a bimbo! Aw, jeez. I really need to work on my comebacks.
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Annie Thinks: Emedea is quickly becoming one of my favorite one-shot authors on FictionPress. I tend to gravitate towards goofy female characters (hello, Sophie Kinsella) so her stories are right up my alley.

I'm in Love with a KissWhore is about Belle, who's visiting her father and stepmother in the town she grew up in with her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend Richard. Richard happens to be the cousin of Belle's ex-boyfriend, Will, who she broke up with a week before his eighteenth birthday and has avoided ever since she moved away for college. While in town, Belle comes into contact with him more often than she would have liked, even kissing him in one of their first encounters. She's happy denying her feelings and quitting while she's ahead, but he's determined to call her on her bluff and get her to open up.

Belle is a truly likable character. Silly and emotionally distant, she floats through life in a gleefully oblivious way. She emphatically denies ever having feelings for Will, but he's up front and even forceful from the start. The story has a cute, simple plot, though things do happen a bit fast. Belle's inner monologues are hilarious and adorable--the way her mind works made me laugh out loud.
I'm noticing a common theme in Emedea's one-shots--the female main character is the remarkable one, not her love interest, as it so usually is. The characters all balance one another and respond to their quirks in an easy, natural way.

This one-shot is almost 9,000 words long, but it's very readable and easy to get into. If you're craving a funny, fluffy read, then I wholeheartedly recommend I'm in Love with a KissWhore.


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