Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Algebra

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Our Algebra by A Perfect Sonnet
I live for hours as a cathedral when you breath your confessions into my skin until they fill me up and I become a sin balloon.
Banner Credit: Marta

Brittany Thinks: Our Algebra, to me, is about soul mates. It's about that first love; a person you are so connected to that you'd give anything if they could be with you forever, tucked in your pocket like a secret or a promise. At a short 150 words, I found myself swept away by the first line. I remembered those desperate moments when you somehow know everything is going to change and you cling even harder to the things that matter most. My favorite aspect of poetry is how open it is. A poem can awaken so many different emotions in people. Our Algebra, for me, is a world I want to live in, a time I miss.

The imagery and descriptions in this poem were simply breathtaking. I read it five times before I could even click away from the page. Poetry is a medium I can't touch, I've never been able to, but A Perfect Sonnet accomplishes what so many people can't: She weaves an entire world - deep, rich, and vibrant - with such clarity that it is awe-inspiring. There are no words to do this poem justice, - it's something you need to experience - but definitely, definitely read it.


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