Sunday, August 18, 2013

Prince of Pain

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Prince of Pain by unicorndisco1977
His soul came around once every one million years, riding on a comet. He never much wanted it back, until an angel showed him something more than pain.
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Helen Thinks: Not even going to lie, Dolorum has the coolest job in the world. A morbid job, yes, and a job I don't think anyone would want to have, but a cool job, nevertheless. See, he's the Prince of Pain, and he controls when people die. He does his job well, and for the most part it's pretty fun. However, whenever his soul flies by every million years, it's a little bit different. Especially since he meets Solia, an angel who makes him want to be with his soul in a more permanent manner.

A lot of times, just under 6,000 words isn't enough to properly develop a supernatural story. But thanks to unicorndisco1997's amazing prose, everything worked out exquisitely. There was a perfect mix of dialogue, characterization, and description. It's hard to get all of those elements to work well in a full-length novel, and the fact that she did this in such a short piece is astounding.

No matter what type of one-shot you're in the mood for, happy or sad, "Prince of Pain" definitely one to read. It's slightly bittersweet, but it leaves a lingering sense of hope that anyone could appreciate.


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