Monday, October 21, 2013

november girl

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 2:18 PM
november girl by smile persephone
i always believed that actions spoke louder than words, but why do i feel so guilty & ashamedofmyself?
Banner Credit: Melissa

Helen Thinks: I have stared endlessly at a blank word document trying to put down in words what I think about the poem 'November Girl'. Seriously the words floating around my mind like extraordinary, unique, fabulous just do not give this amazing piece of literary art credit. 'November Girl' by smile persephone is every positive adjective your brain can come up with on the spot. The layout is quirky, different and sets the pace. They use tricks such as jamming words together such as in the summary 'ashamedofmyself' and you actually feel yourself reading those words quickly whereas when they put dots after every word you read it extremely slow. This poem is raw, fresh and most definitely a one of a kind piece of work that will have you remembering it long after you have read it.


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