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The Red Carpet

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

The Red Carpet by You Are So Last Summer
A story of prep school's elite, set against the backdrop of Hollywood lifestyles and heartbreak. First loves are unforgettable, especially when it's the infuriating, charming It boy who just returned from boarding school.
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Ali Thinks:  Not all relationships end well, Tiara Briar-Madden and Erik DuGrey's being one of them. After a good while of dating their freshman year, the two broke up when Erik moved to the other side of the country. It took a while for her to get over him, and now that she finally has a steady boyfriend (aka Erik's best friend) he comes back to town. Even worse, he wants her back and subtlety isn't something high on his priority list.

They have a pretty rocky past, which You Are So Last Summer shows through flashbacks. I know that some people are often put off by flashbacks (and though I'm not one of them) these are well placed. Since Tiara and Erik had a relationship, and hated each other before that, without the flashbacks, it would be so difficult to see where the two were coming from, and it was cute to see how their relationship developed through the years.

If I had to describe The Red Carpet in one word, it would be entertaining. There was always something happening, but not in a impossible to keep up way. Like in real life, there is never just one thing going on. There's the main concern, and a bunch of little things that drop in and out that we all pay a little bit of attention to. I think that's the best thing about this story, actually: it's set in high school, and it's realistic for its environment. The characters act like high schoolers and they think like them (I say this in the best way possible because I would usually be the first in line to complain about how people in high school generally suck.)

Hate/love can sometimes be hard to pull off. There's a fine line between it being overkill, wishy-washy, and just right. You Are So Last Summer saw this line and new exactly where to draw it, and the result is something I will definitely be reading again.


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