Sunday, November 10, 2013


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Silence by The-Truth-Will-Strike-You-Down
Silence, biting at my lips ... I'd rather burn. I'd rather bleed.
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Helen Thinks: “Silence” by The-Truth-Will-Strike-You-Down is
probably one of the most lengthiest poems that has ever been suggested even with it only being a couple of hundred words in length. However, this was not off-putting in the slightest - more of a bonus. The writer managed to keep a beat flowing throughout the entire length of the poem with their short sentence structure that keeps it catchy and the readers attention hooked. Their use of vocabulary is enough to leave you breathless as well as clinging to every last word. My utmost favourite thing about this writers chosen vocabulary is that its picturesque. It's beautiful, it's flowing and I think it speaks to every person that has held onto something so long they either beat the silence or succumb to its power.

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  1. Hey, guys! Thanks for featuring my poem! If you want to credit my name instead of my fictionpress username, it's Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall. I have a wordpress for my poetry (it's still a little unfinished, but I'm getting there) and thanks for linking back to my fictionpress profile! :) x



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