Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Guy Next Door

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The Guy Next Door by Mad for Figs
I was in love with him... the frat boy... the guy who lived across the hall. But he would only talk with me when he was drunk; otherwise, he'd act like I didn't exist. Talk about being unlucky in love.
Banner Credit: Marta

Marta Thinks: Alison has always found Ryan attractive, ever since he moved in next door. Problem is, he ignores her and only tolerates her when he's drunk, returning from whatever fraternity party he's been too. The worst part about this? Alison loves him. And what can a girl do when the boy she likes acts as though he's embarrassed by her?

"The Guy Next Door" is a good read, full of humor, romance and good writing. "Mad for Figs" has made a story that's not terribly original become her own. The chemistry between Alison and Ryan is tangible, and they're both well-developed characters.

Is this one-shot mushy? Yes. Predictable? Probably. Worth your time? Yes. Yes, yes, yes.


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