Friday, November 15, 2013

Sometimes We Only Lack Infidelity

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Sometimes We Only Lack Infidelity by i call it laughable
i guess the latest trend is saying i love you.
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Helen Thinks: Are you guilty of dropping the ‘L bomb’ regularly into relationships that come and go? Well "Sometimes We Only
Lack Infidelity” is a short poem that addresses this fact. It’s a short poem with a powerful meaning. It’s closing lines echo exactly what I have just asked you. It may be a slightly cynical outlook on the way people use those three powerful words but in this day and age it’s becoming the truth - it is nothing more than a trend for some. Despite the negativity, "Sometimes We Only Lack Infidelity” is a poem that I find myself falling in love with. It’s raw and i call it laughable shows us that poetry doesn’t have to be all rainbows and butterflies, it can be dark and depressive. With clever tricks like breaking in and out of the poetry law of rhyming, "Sometimes We Only Lack Infidelity” has a flow that makes it easy to read. Highlight of the poem - as pointed out by one of the reviewers - is that the layout of the lines form a gun shape. Coincidence, freudian slip or deliberately constructed? Who knows but I know it’s the perfect touch to a fantastic poem.


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