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Tug of War

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Tug of War by AMessofPickles
No Bennett boy could be so nice. No Bennett boy would flirt with a Grace girl. No Bennett boy could be so handsome. There was no possible way that he could belong to the enemy. I'd like to say that I regretted the day I ever flirted with him unknowingly, but I'd be lying.
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Melissa Thinks: Tug of War takes place in a fictional town in which there are two private schools - Grace Worthington's School for Girls and Bennett Preparatory School for Boys. For years the rivalry between the Bennett boys and the Grace girls has been somewhat legendary, despite the fact that no one really knows when or why it started. Things take a turn for the (seemingly) worse when both schools are conjoined for the first time (probably ever) in order to raise money for a selected charity. This means that all extracurricular teams must begin to practice and work together; this is where our two main characters, Jessa and Aaron, meet.

This story differs from all the others that I've read and reviewed in the sense that I had no idea whether to accept or reject. At first, the sometimes sketchy grammar was a major turnoff for me. Then I took a closer look at the story: I was drawn in by the plot, I enjoyed the characters and how three dimensional the author has made them, and the dialogue was funny and, at times, adorable.

All in all, it was an unexpectedly enjoyable story and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something good to keep their eye on.


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