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Alessandra, Protector of Man

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Alessandra, Protector of Man by star123
What's the point of being mildly magical if no-one, not even your deliciously handsome best friend, appreciates it? Especially when said best friend has invited you to meet his new girlfriend under the strict instructions that you're not to be weird...
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Rosie Thinks: This summary really caught my attention - how many times have I been told not to be weird when meeting new people? I can sympathise. But I'm not weird like our protagonist Aly is. When the summary says she's 'mildly magical', it's very much literal. Aly can sense when someone is about to get very mildly injured, which is one of the strangest powers I've ever heard of!

'Alessandra, Protector of Man' starts off with Aly being brought along to meet her best friend's new girlfriend. Unfortunately, Aly is in love with her best friend WIll and has been for many years, so this is definitely somewhat painful for her. Some girl/best friend stories can get so repetitive that I know the general storyline, but not in this story's case. This one has a totally sweet ending and the added element of strange superpowers just added on to this story's uniqueness.

This story isn't complicated or angsty or dark at all - it's short and so very sweet, and I think star123 tied the whole thing together so neatly. It all happens in pretty much one scene but if you want a one-shot to make you feel like rainbows and bubbles, this is where you'll find it. And, of course, star123 writes brilliantly and I can't fault one thing in her writing.


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