Friday, December 13, 2013

In the End

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In the End by Noellesco
She was grateful for him. He was important to her. She loved him. And in the end, she had tried to destroy the world before it could take him away.
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Rosie Thinks: Wow. In under 2000 words, Noellesco captured my attention, told an entire story, and finished it all off with a powerful ending. I thought the summary was arresting but that doesn't compare to the rest of the story. Noellesco's writing isn't overly flowery or poetic - it's actually fairly straight forward. The true magic was in the story she told so well and the way she utilised the words to capture exactly her meaning.

This one-shot is unlike any other that I've read. It's fantasy, but very short. There isn't much information given about the world and the entire story is just one scene with some recollections. However, by the end of it you understand the characters and their motivations, but I just wish I could read their entire story, before and after this one-shot!


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