Saturday, December 14, 2013

Second Chances

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Second Chances by xoxluurve
No. He wasn't going to watch her walk away from him - not for the second time. 
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Marta Thinks: xoxluurve is like a puppet master when it comes to writing: she knows exactly how to pull at your heartstrings. "Second Chances" is a perfect example of her insanely brilliant talent.

Initially, you are led to believe that the story is an angsty reunion between Mark and Kennedy - the tale seems to be pretty straight forward. But is love ever really that simple? Of course not, and so xoxluurve brilliantly subverts your expectations and introduces the independent Alana, who is in love with Mark.

Mark's meant to be happy with Kennedy. Is he really? Alana is meant to be moving on successfully. Will she? Whatever the answer, there is no doubt that this is another amazing xoxluurve romance.


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