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Reaper by ellision
“I already have your heart,” he breathed against her ears as his arms snaked around her hips, pulling her closer. “Finally, the rest of you is mine, Lotte. No more running away.” And she could hear it - her own heart - beating somewhere from inside the leather of his jacket. 
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Marta Thinks: I read Reaper once, and it was enough to make me fall in love with it. The mystery, its character, its breathtakingly beautiful language captivated me and showed me a tale I'd never seen before. ellision immersed me into a world that was so far from mine and yet - yet I'd never read anything that felt so vivid, so real.

Then I read Reaper a second time, and a third time, and I fell in love with it more with every read. And I thought: “Yes.That's the mark of good writing – the endless beauty it provides you infallibly each and every single time.” That’s why I'll keep on reading this story, and why you should too: because we all have a desire, a thirst for beauty, and Reaper will satisfy your quench, even if only for a while.


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