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A Touch of Sight

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A Touch of Sight by cu-kid
For Lia, solitude equals safety and the past is best forgotten. A chance entreaty pulls her into a tangled web where nothing is what it appears to be and she can no longer hide from the one thing she fears the most.
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Brittany Thinks: In high school, I devoured Anne Rice's vampire novels and became obsessed with the idea of mythical beings. Lately, vampires are a bit overdone and cliche at times for me and the repetitive story lines and character arcs can make modern day vampire lore a daunting read. However, if you're a lover of good vampire stories from back in the day like I am, A Touch of Sight by CU-kid is such a refreshing twist! As the author said herself, A Touch of Sight isn't a story about vampires, but a story with a few vampires thrown in for good measure.

This story has a bit of everything: old feuds, lost loves, magic, clairvoyance, mythology... the list goes on and on, but anything further would be a spoiler ;). Ophelia, our heroine, has legitimate fears and phobias brought on by her mysterious condition and past, but manages to seem strengthened by them rather than weak and needy. Rade, the male lead (kind of. There are a few to choose from), is so far removed from the obsessive, controlling bad boy character you expect him to be upon first meeting him. I loved that his character arc surprised me so much. I think my favorite part of this story honestly was the quirks developed in Ophelia from events in her past. It was fascinating to me how CU-kid played with the dilemma of psychological scars. Her characters were interesting, complex, and each one received equal treatment, which can be a challenge in a character driven story with so many important characters. Also, the mythology behind the plot was unique, well developed, clearly researched, and exciting. It comes to a satisfying conclusion that leaves few holes which impressed me to no end.

A warning before you jump into this enjoyable read: the story is quite graphic. It's rated M and it earns every bit of that rating. The most explicit chapter comes with a warning at the beginning, so if you're still wanting to read, you can avoid the most graphic bit. There is an age warning and I would be remise for not telling you of that ahead of time. I personally wasn't bothered by it, but to each their own.

My own issue with the story is that I do have some questions. While the plot of the novel was resolved, I find myself wondering what will happen after the story ends. I don't know if CU-kid is ever planning a sequel, but there is certainly room for one. However, I also kind of like the idea of an uncertain future. The future is always uncertain, after all. Also, there are a few instances where I was wanting a bit more information, but I think that came from being so deeply invested in the characters. I wanted those extra details to better understand their motivations and needs. This is a character driven work, in my opinion, with a detailed, enjoyable plot. If you have a few hours to escape into another world - one a bit more dark, sinister, and exciting than your own, I think A Touch of Sight is a story for you.

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