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Waffle No More

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Waffle No More by Lenni
Wendy the Waffle Girl is now Wendy the I-Couldn't-Give-a-Crap Waitress at a local Italian restaurant during the summer before college, and her quirky sarcasm seems to have caught the attention of cute coworker Vincent. He just might try to ask her out… but not if her wayward boyfriend Max has anything to say about it. 
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Brittany Thinks: Waffle No More is the delightful one-shot follow up to "Leggo my Eggo". I, like the author, suggest you read the original before Waffle No More as it really helps to establish the relationship between Max and Wendy!

Wendy is the kind of character who walks the delicate balance between sarcasm and true emotion. It's difficult to craft dialogue where sarcasm also carries the weight of genuine emotion, but Lenni is a master at this. I found Wendy as endearing as Max clearly did. Max is the kind of guy who will probably look back on his high school self one day and wonder why he behaved the way he did sometimes. He's a good guy at heart, but cursed with the unfortunate high school experience of being too attractive and popular to clearly know how to navigate social interaction at times. They are a great balance for each other as Max allows Wendy to come out from behind her harsh sarcasm and Wendy keeps Max a little more grounded than he would be without her. They have a sweet, easy chemistry that makes reading their back and forth incredibly fun.

As with most one shots, Waffle No More is a pleasant snap shot of one event in the complex realm of human experience. Still, there was just enough for me to fall so hopefully in love with Wendy in Max that I'm crossing my fingers that this two shot might become a trilogy. Lenni pens a great one-shot and you definitely won't regret checking this one out.

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