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The first time I met him, he was high as a kite. Tall and handsome, with bloodshot eyes that made my heartbeat triple when he looked at me. When he asked me my name, it took all I had not to stutter. When he grabbed my hand, riding the wave of confidence of the drugs, it took all I had to remember to breathe. And when his lips touched mine for the very first time, I knew I was his.

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Melissa Thinks: It's common for women to start dating people who they know are bad for them - whether it's because they think that they're fixable or because they just can't resist. The main character in "Addiction" is one of those women.

This was quite an interesting story to get through because not only are we seeing James slowly deteriorate from his addiction to drugs, but we also see Tess' struggle to stay sane while dealing with her obsession with James. It's hard not to love this story, what with it's simple premise and smooth prose - I was engrossed within reading the first few chapters.

Gabriella4549's writing is almost poetic in it's simplistic construction. She's written a tragically decomposed love story that inflicts with it's raw emotion. You may not leave this story with a fuzzy feeling in your stomach, but I encourage everyone to give it a try - because the styles and themes of this piece are truly memorable.


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