Saturday, February 1, 2014


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Lollygag by In.The.Wardrobe
Ben delivered a gym membership to her house. Lucy, the I've-never-exercised-in-my-life girl, pretend to not be home. A match made in heaven?
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Marta Thinks: Lucy isn't exactly the biggest fan of what Ben stands for. Fitness? Health? And worst of all - sport? The very horror of it all. Who'd want that? Me? You? Lucy? I'm guessing no one. And it's a very easy stance to maintain. No trouble letting go of the horror connected to the gym – none at all.

But (and here's my 'but') if every guy were as persistent and sweet as Ben, then my firm resolve would definitely be a little - or rather, very, difficult to maintain. And this is the situation Lucy finds herself in. Will she succumb to adorable Ben and his hellish gym or will she give up on this romantic boy and sit in her house all day?

There is only one way to find out: click on the link above.


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