Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nude Model Needed

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Nude Model Needed by MaeMaes
What's a girl to do when she wants to get her crush's attention? Dress up like a boy? Sneak into his shower stall? Pray for divine intervention?
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Rosie Thinks: Chelsea has a New Years resolution that is truly unique (at least, I've never heard of anything like it before!) - I'm not going to say what it is, but I will say that it is something involving her crush, Kenneth. And it is completely G-rated (A-okay for kids, folks).

At 4.5k, this one-shot makes for a light, fluffy read and is a fantastic way to get your quick fix of romance. It's hilarious, and Chelsea's voice is quirky and strong. It is sure to make you laugh and leave you feeling happy. My only problem with it is that the title doesn't seem to fit well with the story for me, but other than that, everything else is fine - spelling, grammar, punctuation. All in all, it's a great one-shot about a very strange situation!


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