Saturday, February 8, 2014

W is for WHAT?

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W is for WHAT? by Lulai
Marla needs no one. But when she rescues someone who needs her, will she have the strength to fight for not only his sanity, but his very soul? twenty and done! 
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Marta Thinks: Lulai, the extremely talented author of 'The V Word', manages to captivate and impress once again in 'W is for WHAT?' The storyline is extremely engaging - full of twists and excitement - but what really carries forward the tale are the characters.

Marla, the main character, is a slightly cynical, slightly insecure girl who isn't afraid to express her opinion. Her insights are funny, caustic and fun to follow. Callum is a perfectly well written male character, which allowed him be more than just a romantic interest, but an actual charismatic person. The minor characters, such as Jason, Marla's parents, Kate and Damien, were all unique and distinct.

This allowed me to become fully invested in this story and the romance it presented - to the point where I'd go back and re-read a chapter a couple of times because it was just so good.


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