Saturday, March 8, 2014

butterscotch kisses

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butterscotch kisses by les petits bateaux
indulgence: too much pleasure will result in unforeseen circumstances.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Marta Thinks: One of the things I love the most about this poem is the title. The simple combination of two words evokes a beautiful imagery that appeals to the senses, and that makes me want to read it over and over again, just so I can remember it. Perhaps the summary describes it better, mentioning "indulgence" and "too much pleasure". The unforeseen circumstance are no longer unforeseen for me – it's clear they're both addiction and admiration.

The poem itself doesn't fail to live up to the perfect title-summary combination. The use of "we" incites the reader to relate to the verses, and the lines are lovely in the way they are worded. I especially liked the first verse: "…we dream of many things…and yet, we call them trash…" It can apply to so many circumstances in real life, which was wonderful.

My only qualm was the mention of a "dancing bear" which momentarily pulled me out of the poem. It was a little strange and didn't feel like it fit the mood of the piece. Even so, it is no reason to not enjoy "butterscotch kisses", which will surely remain in your mind the whole day.


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