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S T A G N A T E by CaveDwellers
He never stopped her. She could rant and rave and scream at him all she wanted. She could rape him, slap him, just stand here kissing him until she passed out, and he’d let her do it.
Banner Credit: Melissa
Marta Thinks: I've never read anything like S T A G N A T E and I doubt I ever will. It's a truly unique story, and I mean that in the strictest sense of the word. The premise takes a twist on what would seem like an abusive relationship (there is definitely a swap when it comes to the genders), and the story is told in a fairly narrative and descriptive manner, which works, despite its potential problems.

Of course, the ending - the last part - is the strongest bit of the whole tale. It leaves you wondering and pondering, desperate to know the entire background and the thoughts of the male lead. You won't ever, it's unlikely, but maybe that mystery is part of its magic.


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