Friday, March 14, 2014

Study Me Dead

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Study Me Dead by AceChant
"Please don't freak out." His words echoed in my head like a mantra, until it was possible all my other thoughts had been obliterated. I shoved the skull in his face, just short of hitting him. "I am holding your skull in my hands. What did you expect?"
Banner Credit: Marta

Marta Thinks: Lima meets a boy. But he's not just any boy. Oh no, he's not like any boy she's ever met. Because he's a ghost. And not just a random ghost: he's a magical ghost. Who was murdered. Yeah. Didn't expect that, did you?

I really enjoyed the piece. The plot itself was enjoyable (perhaps not overly original, but it still kept me engaged), though the real gem of it all was Lima and her narrative voice. Her inner thoughts were humorous, and helped show a fluffy and enjoyable side to a mystery supernatural plot. It walked the fine line between detracting from the story and not being effective, but AceChant managed to balance all of this effortlessly.

And the ending? One word: perfect.


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