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Skin Deep

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Skin Deep by Anego
Coredan is a young boy who adores his twin sister, and would do anything for her. But when the day comes that he pays too heavy a price, he meets Prince Londel- whos life is darker than expected.
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Helen Thinks: I want to just start off by saying that “Skin Deep”

“Skin Deep” follows Coredon as he becomes Prince Londel’s servant after stepping forward to take his sister; Koreina’s; punishment when she is overheard slandering the crown heir because of his appearance. Life is Londel is not what Coredon expected due to the crown prince being a lot more relaxed, not caring about being called “sire” or any other term of title. However, what Coredon did not expect was for the crown prince to have affections towards him, nor did he expect to return them...

What makes this story so fantastic is the numerous characters that Anego has created. Yes, the royals that we meet might be a little more relaxed than those you would usually read in a fantasy story but I think that is what makes it stand out. Despite these little quirky changes, the characters are consistent throughout the story and develop in leaps and bounds as the story progresses. You feel a rapport with every character and the emotions that Anego wants you to feel for each one - love, hatred, disgust etc - is delivered perfectly through the writing.

My only issue with “Skin Deep” is that Coredon seems to go through a lot of scrapes... I know that some characters are meant to have bad luck and it is written to show how much he loves Londel but at some points you feel yourself thinking “just how lucky can one guy be?”. However, despite feeling this once or twice as I read the story, I could not close down the window (and trust me, I needed to as I was supposed to be sleeping!) because I just needed to get to the end and see if - despite the bumpy road - could the two men have the happy ending they deserved!

With a wonderful range of characters, a fantasy plot that is superbly written as if the realm was real and a completed status, “Skin Deep” by Anego is definitely a story that you should add to your to read list. Especially the extra epilogue that Anego posts on their livejournal that earns the story its “M” rating.
by Anego is one of the most captivating stories that I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time.


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