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Skinny by Autumn's Addiction
For my friend, who is struggling with anorexia nervosa.
Banner Credit: Marta
Helen Thinks: I think I have mentioned before how much I adore poetry that show us the author's vulnerabilities or allow us a glance
into their lives and this is definitely delivered with “Skinny” by Autumn's Addiction. This is a poem that details their friend's struggle with anorexia nervosa and I think it's beautifully written. Autumn's Addiction has used fantastic vocabulary that helps paint the picture of what they are seeing when they see their friend. It's a jumble of really short sentences to really long ones which makes you almost sense that this poem could be how they would approach the conversation with their friend, rushed and frantic, so that they could understand what they are doing to themselves. However, the most powerful thing about this poem is the layout. Autumn's Addiction has centred the entire text in one long thin stanza which really hits home about the context. You may not know anyone struggling with anoxeria nervosa but this poem still hits a nerve with the reader and we find ourselves hoping that Autumn's Addiction won the battle.


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