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The Shore Between Kingdoms

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The Shore Between Kingdoms by OrangePanda
Humans and merpeople have remained separated for generations. But when a merman is captured by fishermen, Calder must prevent war between the two groups while contemplating his attraction for the merman who mysteriously developed human legs. 
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Helen Thinks: It is a rare pleasure to read a fantasy story,
especially one with a slash love story, and I have to say that it is delivered by OrangePanda in “The Shore Between Kingdoms”. The separate worlds of the human and the merpeople are challenged together one night when a couple of fishermen capture a merman they state were trying to tip their boat over. However, the merman is unable to be freed due to having developed legs and it would take until the next full moon for his tail to return. To prevent war between the two civilisations, Calder; advisor to the Queen; becomes a guardian for Kuval as well as showing him how different land is to the sea. What he did not expect was to develop feelings for the merman, especially when Kuval had made it clear that they could never do anything because merpeople did not allow themselves to feel like humans do. But can it really be that cut and dry?

The best thing about “The Shore Between Kingdoms” is that OrangePanda's prose helps set the scene and pace flawlessly. They manage to fit a month of activities into twelve short chapters and yet there is not the feeling that the story has been rushed which makes me want to applaud OrangePanda's writing because that can be hard to do. Another high note with OrangePanda's writing is that they just write the perfect amount of fantasy into their story. Sometimes it is easy to go overboard with the amount of lore and information that can be shared between writer and reader but this never happens in “The Shore Between Kingdoms”. Enough information is shared so that the plot is understandable and to help the story develop as the fictitious month passes by.

“The Shore Between Kingdoms” delivers with it's fantastic fantasy plot line and full roster of characters that have their own role to play in the story makes this a story that you will read in one sitting.


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