Sunday, March 30, 2014

Playing with Fire

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Playing with Fire by misswonderlnd
Leah had gotten pretty good at being invisible. Her older brother Luke, however, decides it is time to rekindle the friendship they once had. And he isn't the only one- his best friend Cameron seems determined to rediscover Leah too. But in what way?
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Melissa Thinks: Leah is a year younger than her popular brother Luke who seems to overshadow her at every opportunity. It isn't until his senior year that Luke begins to take an interest in his sister's existence again. With him comes Cameron; the caring best friend who's always had a soft spot for Leah. How will the two handle their attraction to each other without letting Luke find out?

Those who liked So Much to Learn will find this story delightful and fulfilling. The author has a natural, smooth, and funny voice which helps add to the believability of the characters. Leah and Cam are adorable and their character development over the course of the story makes everything ten times more interesting. There's enough drama in the story to keep you utterly engrossed in the story, but it never gets to a point where you're annoyed.

The "brother's best friend" plot device is a cliche that never gets old, so Playing With Fire fits right in with the other fantastic stories in the category.


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