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Back in the Day, When Being Was Unbearably Light

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Back in the Day, When Being Was Unbearably Light by SophieInPink
She never thought she'd be the type of girl to end up in one of those oh so forbidden student-teacher relationships, yet here she is. But there's a twist: she's the teacher. And he is her defiant, charming, disarmingly attractive student.
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Marta Thinks: The best part about Back in the Day, When Being Was Unbearably Light is the ending. It's open-ended, satisfying and not at the same time, and not at all expected. Ironically, not in the way you'd think. And no, you're not allowed to just skip down to the bottom and read it because you'll miss the amazing story attached to it (and it probably wouldn't make much sense anyway).

As the summary states, this is a story about a teacher and her complex relationship with her student (aka 'Beautiful Boy'). It starts with the two during the school dance he is supposed to be attending and she is supposed to be chaperoning. They're in his car, and she 'recalls the path to [her] own destruction,' which started five months ago.

Narrated in 2nd person, this one-shot is written so well that 'flawless' isn't even close. But it wasn't only SophieInPink's prose that made her story so great. If I had to give an award for character portrayal, this is the story I'd give it to. They're interesting, and at the same time consistent and realistic, which is a hidden gem if I've even seen one.


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