Saturday, July 5, 2014

lost cause

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lost cause by citrus scented
you made me believe I could fly just to watch me hit the ground. You are not an excuse, you are just the reason.
Banner Credit: Marta
Melissa Thinks: lost cause starts out very "in your face". Aggressively, we are told a love story - one of friendship turned romance turned heartache. The lack of grammar throughout conveys the urgency and pain the narrator feels.

The clear semi-autobiographical nature of this poem is, to me, the most compelling part because you become aware of just how real the feelings are and that makes it all the more emotionally raw to the reader. Through the author's sorrowful experience, a beautiful piece of prose has been created. The soulful writing, stream of consciousness styled formatting, and the use of figurative language succeeds in drawing you in, so that by the end of the fifth stanza, it's as if you are the narrator.


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