Friday, July 18, 2014

Of Ghosts

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Of Ghosts by Sam Marino
"I never was afraid of ghosts in the days of my youth, would probably be fearless still if not for meeting you..." 
Banner Credit: Melissa
Helen Thinks: “Of Ghosts” is a lovely piece of angsty poetry by Sam Mariano. Now I know that sounds more like an oxymoron because can angst be lovely? Yet this poem is the proof that it most definitely can! The writing is flawless, the tone soft, gentle and yet there’s an edge to it that helps the meaning behind the prose jump off the page at the reader because I bet that the situation detailed is something that most of our readers can relate to. Who doesn’t have that one ghost in their past that stops them from taking a leap into progressing into their future selves? "Of Ghosts" is a simply fantastic poem that has left me hoping that the writer will write more!


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